Denton County India Cultural Association

Denton County India Cultural Association


The purpose of DCICA is to unite and organize the Indian community in the North Texas and other neighboring towns with the goal of preserving its cultural heritage, organize Indian festivals together and feel at home. In addition, the organization aims to encourage its members to extend charitable efforts for the service of the local community.


  • To provide a common platform to all members living in the North Texas area for pursuing their common goals and sharing their concerns.

  • To promote, coordinate and support joint efforts in the social, cultural, educational and charitable activities for the members.
  • To foster friendship and understanding between people of Asian Indian origin and other Americans.

  • To conduct and celebrate events that are important to the Indian Community such as Diwali, Holi, Pongal, Garbha, etc.

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DCICA is a non-profit organization. Our mission is to introduce, promote and enhance awareness of the culture and traditions of India Through presenting various cultural and social events.

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DCICA Is A Non-Profit Organization. Our Mission Is To Introduce, Promote And Enhance Awareness Of The Culture And Traditions Of India Through Presenting Various Cultural And Social Events.

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If you want to sponsor an upcoming event or donate to our organization, please contact Sanjay Gupta @ 972.768.7322 or call one of our executives. Booths are assigned only after the payment.